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Mist and Mystical Glendalough

I have just returned from Glendalough in Co Wicklow. This truly is ancient Ireland, an early Christian monastic settlement founded by St Kevin in the early 6th century. I have always found it a challenging place to photograph. For one thing it has a Microclimate entirely of its own which means that you can take any weather forecast with a pinch of salt.

Friday night was no exception, the predicted clear skies were soon replaced with dark clouds and rain, which didn’t seem to deter the midges who were more than happy to take their chances with the rain in order to feast themselves on any spare bit of flesh I was offering! They get particularly vicious during the golden 15 minutes just before the sunset, next time I ‘m packing a bee keeping net! Friday night didn’t quite work out so the alarm was set for 4.00 on Saturday morning.

Skies were cloudy to begin with but they cleared towards dawn and there was a little mist in the air. It only lasted for a few seconds but it really added to the scene. There is a peace and a tranquillity about this place, it keeps drawing me back. Apart from the attack of the midges I always feel a real sense of peace and calm when I’m working there. Everytime I go there, depending on the time of year and the position of the sun, nature offers a different show of colour.

Sometimes I just set down the camera and sit and adsorb nature, from the chatter of ravens around the tower to the rustle of deer walking through the long grasses, the dipper hoping from rock to rock along the river.

I’m not sure I can explain why but I always feel my head is in a better place after spending time there.⁠


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Mist and Mystical Glendalough

Mystical Glendalough

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